Welcoming New Patients Throughout California for Consultations

I am a Family Medicine primary care doctor with decades of experience now providing consultations in a non-traditional setting. My goal is to serve people struggling with issues that are not easily addressed in the current paradigm where care is passed around between multiple providers who are over-worked and over-burdened.

I provide wise and compassionate care in a non-pressured, supportive environment.

I can have special expertise in the following conditions:

Peri-Menopause, Menopause, and any struggles with hormones

Long Covid

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Last summer I launched my own solo private practice providing Telehealth visits over Zoom.

My appointments are designed to allow people to share their stories and concerns over the course of 45-50 minute initial appointment. I charge $300 for the initial visit, and then $180 for 30 minute follow-up visits.

I provide you with an invoice shortly after our visit. You then pay me directly over a secure platform. You can submit your invoice online to your insurance plan for reimbursement. I do not work with a billing service, and do not bill insurance plans directly myself.  

Most insurance plans reimburse you between 50-80% of the cost of the visit.

When inquiring with your insurance plan how much of the visit will be reimbursed, you can let them know the CPT code I use for billing for new patients is 99205. The code for follow-up visits is 99215. My NPI# is 1649227216.

Self-booking appointments are available every weekday on Charm portal. If you prefer a time that you do not see available, you can reach out to me for a specific time to be arranged.

You can e-mail me at JoMarie@Munnich.com.

My assistant Tiffany will reach back out to you with an invitation to join my patient portal Charm, so that you can self-book your own appointments, request refills, and send messages.

I welcome you to a more rewarding patient experience.

My Journey

I grew up in the Bay Area raised by a mom who has always been into all things alternative. I had little exposure to traditional western Medicine. Growing up I learned about non-traditional ways of healing. As a teenager I became enamored with understanding the science behind healing.

I attended college at Cal Berkeley and majored in Physiology;  I loved studying how the human body works. I knew that I wanted to apply what I learned to help people ease their suffering and to have healthier lives, but I had not yet developed the confidence to see myself becoming a doctor.

After graduating from college I worked at Planned Parenthood in Oakland for two years as a medical assistant. There I received encouragement from the nurse practitioners I worked with to take the brave step forward, took the MCAT and apply to medical schools.

I was so grateful to be able to attend medical school at UC Irvine. In medical school I discovered the joy of practicing Family Medicine.

Pursuing a residency in Family Medicine appealed to me because the training focused on the whole person, not just specific parts of the body.

I completed my residency training in 1999 at Chestnut Hill Hospital in Philadelphia, which was affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania.

I returned home to the Bay Area in 1999. I joined a well-established community private practice group in Albany where I took care of families for over a decade.

Then I accepted the opportunity to join UCSF Primary Care in 2010. I worked for 7 years in the Women’s Health Center. There I learned to help care for women struggling through cancer treatment, autoimmune conditions, and complicated medical diagnoses.

Next I transitioned to One Medical with the promise of being able to spend more time with patients in a more patient-first oriented setting.

Now I have broken away from Big Corporate Medicine with the goal of providing consultations in a compassionate, non-pressured environment.

I am Board certified in Family Medicine from The American Board Of Family Medicine.

I am a member of The Menopause Society.

I regularly attend Continuing Medical Education conferences through the Mayo Clinic.

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